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There are many theories which imply various answers about extraterrestrial life.But so, everybody believes them or not.There is a possibility that we may never find the truth, but that won't affect us so much because we will just go further with questioning everything until the best answer is provided to us so that we will all agree on it.But that may never happen...Why?It is because there will never be a common agreement for the whole humanity....There will always be that one dude which will not believe it, and never will, and he will continue to search for his ideal answer.Even so, can that one dude count in the great evolving and questioning humanity?No, nobody considers him, they just laugh at him "oh, let that little dude do as he likes...he's alone anyway, he can't do anything"...But what if that dude's right?Then will the rest of humanity accept the one and only truth, his truth?Most likely not, because that means the dude discarded all humanity's beliefs, and that is equal with killing billions of people.So, he will be viewed as a "terrorist" or "belief killer" so his truth will never be true...The human mind and soul, are such complex and wonderful things, but are still incomplete, but that may be all the magic and mistery about ourselves, the fact that we are imperfect and incomplete, we will struggle to evolve further, assimilating more and more knowledge until the day we have learnt the ultimate truth.And maybe, that will be the end of our curiosity and questioning journey, and after that we will stagnate, or maybe we will conquer the whole universe for ourselves?Who knows?It is most unlikely for us to reach that point in the far distant future, so we will continue our journey until the day of our extinction, until a great calamity will erase us from the face of the earth, or another civilization will come visit us, and "replace" us here, or destroy us.Well, I guess that is the curse of being the supreme civilization in the universe, constantly fearing that another civilization will come to evolve at your level, so you go and destroy them until they will rise there.
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Well, what could i say about myself? I'm an ordinary guy, one that's not so social, the loner type, i love to write poetry and to do stuff in gimp, though i'm not very good at it, and to draw of course, though i'm not good at this either ._. but i try at least, and someday i hope to launch a poetry book, this is my dream...

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