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"Live for the right purpose, die for the right purpose".A beautiful ending for a speech, where millions would listen as a single man is trying to change the fate of the world with these words, maybe for justice or maybe only for selfish desires."Rule alone ye greedy king, rule and die alone on yer throne" a queen said once to her husband, as he was engulfed in the illusion of power, as he was believing that the world bows down to him and worships him like a god, another childish attempt for a mortal to wish that place up in the sky where our "home-made" gods "rule", sometimes with benevolence, other times with cruelty.Apparently they have the characteristics of humans, as they would feel hatred and love, making them very close to us mortals, and so they are not fully gods, only "better humans in terms of mortality and power".
We are most displeased with our fragile body and mind, with our helplessness over the course of nature, with our lack of understanding, yet we hunger for power and knowledge we don't fully understand, we, children obsessed with our trinkets and toys."Give them sorrow, and you will see man's weakness, give them pain, you will see man's toughness, give them power, you will see man's greed.....allas, give them the chance to help another, and you will see man's compassion or hatred.Why do we always find ourselves in the middle?...because we are flawed so perfectly so that we may stand on both sides, a masterpiece and a deadly weapon.We defined good and evil, we gave their definition, without us there maybe would have not been the notion of evil and good, only nature.What we understand and what we created to understand this universe, is only for us.For other intelligent beings out there, our notions of everything we may perceive as part of life and death  doesn't exist or may seem to be like child's thoughts.Either way, we should not consider a mutual understanding with other intelligents life-forms, as their own world or worlds would have different laws of nature, gravity, ethics, and so we stand in uncertainty, again blind and fearful on a thin string, in the vast, dark and lonely unknown.The depths in which we could stray in thought are endless, but we will resume to things that everyone understand.
Let me tell you a joke: you are on an island and you consider yourself the only person on earth, but you're right next to the continent, were cities stand tall and beaches are filled with hundreds of people that are having a pleasant holiday, yet you still believe yourself alone and see nobody.Did you laugh?Neither do I....Why? This just explains the majority's belief that we are alone in this universe, a "Blind Bob".
Şi-aud din nou cum se coboară raiul,
În mii de cânturi preaslăvind creaţia,
O! note plânse în cuvinte, naiul,
Aşterne sunete ce cheamă dimineaţa.

Şi pe abandonatele mirişti,
Fantome din trecut, grăbite se adună,
Sub chipul furtunilor ce aduc nelinişti,
Aduc cu ele iernile cu brumă.

La marginea câmpiilor învăluite-n alb,
Se-aşterne nevăzut, pe orizontul lor,
De iarnă înghiţit, un mic cătun uitat,
De anii ce pretind că nu le mai e dor.

Şi în pustiul zilei, şi în tăcerea nopţii...
Opt suflete se luptă, de traiul lor se-agaţă,
Dar ce mai pot să facă ele în faţa sorţii?
Şi-au petrecut aici, întreaga lor viaţă.

Dar uneori mai strigă, cu glasul răguşit,
Spre ceruri înnecate-n cenuşiul vremii,
Şi nu mai vine moarte, nici viaţă, e cumplit!
Stau între două lumi, în gerul greu al iernii.

Cu ultima suflare, un gând se mai petrece,
O veche amintire îndepărtată, zboară...
Ea fuge-n veci departe, de corpul lăsat rece,
De spiritul bătrân, ce-n pace vrea să moară.

Eternitatea-i cruntă!Nu lasă loc de pace,
Şi nici de mici momente de linişte şi tihnă,
În totul unitar, cu sufletele toate,
Nuclee stăruiesc a se uni în clipă.

Iar clipa cea din neguri, prefacă-se-n blestem!
Ce veşnic să instige, la ură şi păcat,
Sau lasă un miracol, venit ca din eter,
Să nască dintr-o mie, un suflet mai curat.
Opt suflete
"mă gândesc la acei bătrâni care abandonați, își duc traiul liniștit spre sfârșitul zilelor, undeva prin munții noștri, neatinși de capriciile omenești și feriți de vremile noi ce n-aduc decât o perspectivă sumbră asupra viitorului"
Hatred under Heaven, love above Hell.Humanity lacks courage to take a leap of faith, that is the biggest problem we'll ever face.Like a child, blind and fearful that walks on a thin string, we walk this path of life with doubt in our eyes when we're being remembered that we're not perfect, and with determination in our heart when we understand that we're not perfect, and that's our little story, our little hope for better times, as we have this belief that now we're facing harsher times and a global catastrophe unfolds in front of us...But I must ask, isn't this our fault or maybe our reflection upon this world?Isn't this but a hint about ourselves, our true little self that tries to escape the hand of a ruthless god that is normality, monotony, everything that will forever repeat, like the cicle of nature, but even nature is ever-changing and never alike its previous.Yes, I am inclined to believe that our true self delivered a message:"Why do you kill yourself?You are the world and the world is you...You conquered everything and you control everything only to feel superior and better about yourself?Is this the path you're walking, blindly towards your end?Is this for what you have sacrificed so many and still sacrifice, only to be a step closer to your doom?You are young and still too reckless to understand...But before the last man will die on earth, you will understand the true nature of all things, the unwritten laws that govern everything from the most insignificant speck of dust to the most wonderful creation of stars, or you may perish never knowing your true purpose, that is maintaining a tiny equilibrum that is essential in the grand scheme of existence.Live for the right purpose, die for the right purpose.
you are the golden poodle from the thrift shop of dogs
you are the air that squirms in my lungs,
i wasn't serious with the second verse,
that ain't gonna happen in this universe

i'm really not trying to do some bullshit masterpiece,
sometimes it's best just to fuck up all things,
so you have something to work on, to do something later,
cuz you procrastinate all day, you don't do something better.

you are the sunshine that blinds me in mornings,
you are that neighbour, who always is snorring,
you're that annoying song, i hate listening,
you are the abstract, from all modern paintings.

you are the paper, that cuts deep my finger,
you are the reason of all my wrinkles,
i wrote this poem, in case you would read it,
i hope you will see it, before i am leaving...

because, you know, i'm leaving far away...
i'll never return,  what i'm trying to say,
is that i hate you!though i love you so much,
if you ever feel lonely, just give me a punch,

just imagine i'm there, we're fighting as always,
we're hating each other, swearing all day,
and sometimes you win, and i loose so bad,
so please, forget me...i hope you ain't sad...

because after all, our friendship was great,
i always saw you as the answer to faith,
and angel sent down to look after me,
before you were here, i was always so lonely...

but now i'll die in peace,
because now i know bliss
i'll have no regrets that would want to reside,
i'm safe to pass, on the other side...

goodbye, goodbye, wherever you are,
hello, hello, i see you afar,
i'm here, near you, i'll always be there,
so buh' bye shrimp! i'm still here, beware!
Do not falter in search for the may find the path of the blind, but keep looking beyond what's reason, beyond what's reality...the path is there waiting to be discovered by NEW APOSTLES that will cleanse this tainted world....find the meaning so you may find the road to epiphany.They WILL try, they will RISE and the fall of the dominion of sinners is inevitable.Keep asking the lie what is the truth, because the lie is the beginning of truth.

"For I have searched the lands to find my place to die, and so I found my place to live free"



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Well, what could i say about myself? I'm an ordinary guy, one that's not so social, the loner type, i love to write poetry and to do stuff in gimp, though i'm not very good at it, and to draw of course, though i'm not good at this either ._. but i try at least, and someday i hope to launch a poetry book, this is my dream...

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