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Behind a happy smile, there lies a sad shadow,
And I'll run 1000 miles, just to find that you're not sorrow,
Your light and my darkness, shall fuse in something better,
And you know what I've promised, we will live like gods forever,
And the wind will tell, our great tragic and sad tale,
Behind a happy smile, there is a heart for sale....

Behind a shiny life, there lies a sad past,
You were a loner, you were always the last,
In everything and anywhere, there is no god,
If he existed, then you wouldn't scream so loud,
In an empty room, nobody hears your call,
A desperate soul tries to find a pall.

But this is your life, with good and with bad,
Sometimes you're happy and sometimes you're sad,
It's a balance in life, that makes us remember,
That one day, we will die, we will tremble,
We will strive, to not accept our end,
But you'll accept if you have near a friend...

Everybody needs an angel sometimes,
Need a safe haven, personal paradise,
Where we can rest our mind and soul,
That are tired of the real world...

You do not have to cry alone,
Just trust the ones who love you,
Beacuse the hope is never gone,
When you have the heart to forgive you....
Forgive the ones that made you sad,
Forgive the past that is now past,
The future's in front of your eyes,
Do not be blind, don't pass it by.
the heart sometimes won't accept, the mind either...
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February 19, 2013
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